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Insurers suffer second costliest year on record at $120bn: Why Insure? What is Around the Corner?

Updated: May 25, 2022

Insurers suffer second costliest year on record at $120bn according to Munich Re

Why Insure ? What Is Around The Corner and Will I get Paid For My Loss?

Why Not Insure for The Unknown Financial Loss ? No one knows what will go wrong Insurance and Problem Planning Should be Part of your Enterprise Risk Management so you are Risk Ready

7 Reasons To Insure

#1 Compulsory by Law

#2 Contractual Requirement

#3 Requirement of Financier

#4 Secure New Venture /Project

#5 Protect Profits

#6 Past Losses

#7 Spread Risks For Known Cost

We have 35+ Years Experience of Enterprise Risk Management and Consultancy especially in the Trade & Project world where Human Error , Cyber, Non-Payment, Professional Indemnity, Supply Chain ,War, Terrorism, Political Risks and Natural Disaster needs to be Recognised and Considered. We are a FCA regulated Authorised Representative of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury so can also deal with insurers on your behalf.

Life is exciting and unpredictable why not Share the Financial Burden with Insurers - Business Insurance secures the future of Companies. Billions of Losses are Paid by Insurers to Policyholders every year.

We Can Help You Smooth the Surprises Around the Corner, call for a Free and Confidential Risk Review +447979801237 or Check Our website for more Information and Testimonials or To Book a Meeting

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