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How to win In global markets for trade & projects - The grass is greener!

June 7, 2023
Rupert Cutler


  • New Buyers/Suppliers
  • Additional Source of Revenue
  • Business Expansion

11 Risks to Profits

  • War on Land
  • Sanctions and Embargo
  • Political and Social Unrest
  • Pandemic
  • Supply Chain /Force Majeure
  • Nationalism
  • Cyber and Ransomware
  • Non-payment/Non Delivery
  • Currency Controls
  • Cargo Delays and Losses
  • Terrorism and War on Land

No Insurance = 100% Exposure to your Balance Sheet for Business Risks

Insurers pay out Billions in Losses every year and have Multiple Products for Every Industry - not always on a website. Improve your Company Value with Enhanced Company Credit Ratings through Specialist Insurers with a Professional Broker to design your Business Insurance.

Solution = Transfer the Business Risk and Use Your Cash to Build Your Business?

We have 35+ years of Risk Consulting, Review and Risk Transfer for Companies Worldwide . We listen, guide and help Businesses access and use these Proven Financial Tools for Your Exports and Trade Sales. We are a FCA regulated Authorised Representative of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury.

Five Types of Loss to Insure

  1. "Physical Loss or Damage" to Goods, Plant, Buildings or Equipment
  2. "Liability" to Employees, Third Parties and the Company
  3. "Trade Credit/Non Payment"
  4. "Contract Frustration" = Contract Cancellation & Non-Payment for Goods/Services
  5. "Confiscation & Expropriation" = Loss of Goods/Equipment/Equity Interests

How do you arrange cover? Insurance Premium = Known Cost for Unknown Loss

Contact us for:

  • Free Confidential review of all documentation
  • Draft bespoke wording for your Contract/Project
  • Final price and coverage negotiation
  • Agreement reached Policy issued for a Fixed Cost Multi-Year term
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