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How Much Is Trade Credit/Non Payment Insurance? What Will It Cost?

How Much Is Trade Credit/Non Payment Insurance ? 10 Key Factors to Pricing

Holtarka has 35+ years of Award Winning Work advising, guiding and arranging Trade Credit Insurance for our clients Worldwide. We work with new and existing Trade Credit Insurance Buyers and Insurers across many sectors. We are FCA Regulated and an Authorised Representative of Lloyds Broker

10 Key Factors to Pricing:-

  1. Counter-party credit rating;

  2. Sector of Business;

  3. Your Business Financial Strength;

  4. Country of Operation;

  5. Basis of Payment/Delivery;

  6. Limit sought and how much you will retain;

  7. Track record with other party & How You Screen Clients;

  8. Any previous Delays or Losses and how managed;

  9. Available Credit Limits for the counter-party from insurers;

  10. Enforceability of Contract.

Trade Credit/Non-Payment Policies when used as part of your Enterprise Risk Management will be recognised by Banks and Alternate Financiers as Risk Mitigants enabling lending as an Alternate to Secured Borrowing or with Letters of Credit, Bonds or Guarantees. Trade Credit Insurance is a proven product Insurers Pay Losses every year in the USD Millions. Costs are always Lower than a Loss

We Can Help You Choose the Trade Credit Insurance Option best for you so call +447979801237 for a Confidential and Free Initial Chat or check for more information

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