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Case Studies

Securing finance for a manufacturer exporting to a new territory

Our client was designing and constructing a bespoke product for installation and testing. They were also planning to train local employees and maintain a long-term service agreement.

Performance and Completion Bonds were required, as was external finance. We created a risk plan, including insurance options. This helped them to secure the necessary finance they needed and protect the business through every phase of the project.

Delayed construction caused by supply chain issues meant that they did claim on one of the insurance policies. The client subsequently retained us as their ‘in-house’ independent risk consultant for future overseas projects.

More competitive financing for an SME trading firm

This firm had strong experience in their sector but financing costs and access were restricted due the company being new to the challenging environment they were moving into.

We reviewed the company’s operations and procedures and implemented a framework operational checklist with an external review of purchase and sales contracts and a business continuity plan.

This resulted in less wastage and greater profitability. It allowed the client to access more funding at a lower cost. It also enabled them to buy realistic risk purchase coverage from rated insurance providers, resulting in a transfer of risk to an external third-party balance sheet.

International protection for an NGO

We worked with a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) operating internationally, who found there was no local or traditional insurance available for their assets in some territories. They were also vulnerable to cyber risk.

We created a Due Diligence Bridge between Operations, Finance, Legal and Insurance to create a central co-ordinated understanding of their risk profile. We then oversaw the creation of a bespoke insurance product for exposed territories, that could be rolled out as they expanded. We also organised proper international cyber cover.

Expert witness in the High Court

When an international insurance company refused to pay a company’s claim on a Trade Credit insurance policy, their legal team called on Holtarka’s CEO Rupert Cutler as an expert witness to establish that the claim was within the bounds of the policy.

Rupert’s expert analysis helped to ensure that the insurance giant backed down and the client received their due compensation, with all of their legal costs covered.

Forensic claim recovery

A multinational client with a web of operating companies and a complex arrangement of central and local insurances were concerned that a legitimate insurance claim may not have resulted in full compensation.

Holtarka was employed to forensically examine the claims and the resulting payments. We found over $1m of claims money lodged with overseas local insurance brokers and were able to recover those funds for the client.

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