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How Do I Get Paid By My Insurer?

Updated: Sep 20

How Do I Get Paid By My Insurer?

We are assuming that you have an Insurance Policy or Policies and have had a Loss to Your Business. Insurers Provide Compensation/Indemnity as their Contract so It is Essential that you make the following

7 Quick Document Checks

  1. Has the Premium been Paid for the Contract/Policy with the Insurer?

  2. Did the Loss Occur During the Contract/Policy Period?

  3. Is the Cause of the Loss Included or Excluded?

  4. How Much Have You Lost?

  5. Have you told the Insurer?

  6. Are You Following the Instructions of Your Insurer?

  7. Is there an Excess/Deductible and/or Waiting Period?

We have 35+ Proven Experience as a Risk & Insurance Consultant and registered Chartered Insurance Broker being a FCA regulated Authorised Representative of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury. We act for our clients to help to Arrange, Maintain and Claim for Insured Losses from Insurers including Recoveries. We are Specialists in Company Risks including but not limited to Trade & Project Risks including Non-Payment, Political Risks, Professional Indemnity, Supply Chain including Cargo, Terrorism and War on Land.

Companies rely upon Insurance to Support their Business and without a Risk Manager or Professional Broker to act for them can Fail to Be Compensated if the 7 Quick Document Checks have not been met.

Insurers Pay Claims But Will You Get Paid ? If You Need Help Call for a Free and Confidential Chat on +447979801237 or see our website

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