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How to manage your business risk

March 30, 2023
Rupert Cutler
Operations & Investments

Instability and the Unexpected dominate the headlines and reality. War in Ukraine, Political and Credit Risks, Corporate Failure, Inflation, Increased Costs with Extreme Weather. Enterprise Risk Management and Risk Mitigation through the use of Commercial Insurance is a vital Risk Mitigation /Risk Transfer as part of your Enterprise Risk Management. The choices of coverage are many but How Do You Know What is Right For Your Business?

Holtarka has an Award winning Team so if you think you need a Risk Health Check why not use an Independent Professional Risk & Insurance Consultant & Insurance Broker?

We as dedicated Risk & Insurance Professionals have the proven experience and access to Insurers and Insurance Products you may not know of from the internet or an occasional visit to the world of insurance.

# 5 Common Insurance Problems include:

  1. What Insurance to Buy?
  2. How Much Insurance to Buy?
  3. What is Not Covered/Excluded?
  4. What Insurance Does My Business Need?
  5. Uninformed or Poor Insurance Purchasing.

We have 35+ Years Proven and Positive Experience Guiding and Advising Commercial Companies as a "Virtual Risk Manager" to Recognise and Transfer Risk. We can also act as Insurance Broker being a FCA regulated Authorised Representative of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury.

A Problem Shared Is A Problem Solved - Act Now To Get Your Business on the the right footing.

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