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What's stopping you from Protecting your Cyber Risk?

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Cyber risk is the Biggest Single Risk To Many Businesses. It is a Crime and a Costly Nuisance to Companies with attacks on a Daily Basis what is stopping you from being the next victim and having a Risk Plan in place?

Enterprise Risk Management and Risk Evaluation should be an Essential Part of daily business. Cyber Risk Specialists are there to be on your side to support your IT team, Data Protection and Sensitive Customer and Product Details from Cyber Hacking or Malware.

Insurance compliments Cyber Plans with compensation (indemnity) Insurers will Pay for Restitution of your System, Data Loss, Direct Financial Losses to You and Customers or other Third Parties, with a 24 Hour Crisis Helpline for your business.

Holtarka Limited is an Independent Risk & Insurance Consultancy we have 35+ years Proven Experience and Success helping Our Company Clients use New Risk Management Processes and Commercial Insurance to Avert or Reduce Losses which if uninsured come from their profits. We are a FCA Appointed Representative of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury , being dedicated Specialist Insurance Brokers for unusual or difficult risks worldwide.

Cyber Insurance is Available Now from many Rated and Specialist Insurers within the Lloyds and Company insurance markets.

If you would like to Find Out How give us a Free and Confidential call on +447979801237 or contact us through

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