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Why use an Outsourced Risk and Insurance Consultant ?

Updated: May 25, 2022

An Outsourced Risk and Insurance Consultant is an Experienced Independent Insurance Professional working for your Enterprise or Company to Risk :-

  • Identify

  • Assess

  • Evaluate

  • Exploit Opportunities and Mitigate/Transfer;

  • Monitor

Risk is an Opportunity or an Unknown Cost. A Risk and Insurance Consultant works to give best advice, problem solve and help to identify what is best for their client Company, many of whom do not have a full time Risk Manager. Unknown Costs can be capped and reduced through the evaluation process of challenges to your Business whether insured or not including Loss of Market, Force Majeure, Natural Disaster, Supply Chain, Professional Risk, Non-Payment, Cyber or Political Risk including Terrorism and Business Interruption..

Holtarka has +35 Years Acting for Companies Worldwide as Experienced Independent Insurance Professionals . Our clients use use to help their business with their Enterprise Risk Management as their ongoing "Virtual Risk Manager". We can also act as an Insurance Broker being a FCA regulated Appointed Representative of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury Limited.

If you do not have the expertise how can you see what methods can be used to help your business grow and protect its profitability?

Risk Identification is an Opportunity not a cost - insurance can be used as an Enabler - we are here to help not just to sell a Policy. If you would like a Confidential Free initial Review book a meeting, call us on +447979801237 or visit our website to see more and read our client testimonials .

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