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Top 3 Tips for Export Success

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

A new Export Order - Do you have the finance, contract and insurance to help you if something goes awry?

Many companies leave these details to the last minute after all if you have a contract surely you can get finance and insurance now?

Sales contracts, finance and Insurance are key to success and should be planned prior to execution of that order.

We have 35+ Years Proven Experience as Risk Consultants and as FCA Regulated Authorised Intermediary of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury to guide, advise, Negotiate with Risk Takers to Risk Transfer and recover Losses for our clients. We help our customers Secure their Profits with Insurance including Cargo, Non-Payment & Trade Credit, Supply Chain and Political Risks policies.

It is important to consider this when you are negotiating the contract to Save Money and Time. If a War, Lockdown or Embargo occurs or the buyer fails to pay what do you do and what are your rights?

Call us for a free introduction to help you Trade With Confidence. +447979801237

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