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War and Riot Losses Uninsured - How Much Will That Cost Your Business?

Updated: May 25, 2022

War and Riot Damage Can Be Insured - If You are Not How Much Will That Cost Your Business?

How does Civil Unrest, War, Sanctions and Riots affect your Supply Chain and Overseas Business ??

War on Land, Sanctions and Embargo with Rioting, Malicious Damage & Looting Insurers will Pay Losses to Businesses a break to your business and Supply Chain. Is your Supply Chain insured for Riot and Terrorism Loss ? If you are Shipping Goods or Components to a major project how do you Get There In Time without a Loss of Income?

Holtarka Limited is an independent Risk and Insurance Consultant being a FCA authorised Appointed Representative of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury Limited. We have 35+ years of Enterprise Risk Management guiding companies to be Risk Ready. We work with you to secure Your Business, Review Your Supply Chain and Insurance For Your Goods and Fixed Assets to find alternate effective products and plans for your Business.

Political Risks Insurance can include losses due to Forced Abandonment, Expropriation, Sanctions/Embargo, War on Land And Terrorism with Business Interruption.

We can help you with this process - contact us for a confidential free review +447979801237 or through

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