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The Ugly Truth about Under Insurance or No Insurance for Business = $160 Billion in 2021

Updated: May 25, 2022

Is Your Business One of The Under or Uninsured Insured?

The Ugly Truth about Under Insurance for Business is that you will expose your balance sheet without compensation from Insurers. Do you want to be part of the $129 billion or the Uninsured $160 Billion according to Munich Re on 10th January 2022?

An Insurance Policy is a Contract between Your Business and the Insurer to Compensate you following Losses which have been pre-agreed within the document.

The Maximum Amount payable by the Insurer is stated in the Policy. If you Under Insure or do not declare the Full Value of your Business Assets you could face Average in adjusting your Loss. Average is applied by Insurers proportionately to the Loss, therefore if you Under Insure by twenty five percent (25%) the Loss Payable by Insurers could be Proportionately Reduced by 25%.

We at Holtarka have 35+ Years Experience of Risk Consulting, Risk Recognition and Transfer for our Commercial Customers Worldwide. 70% of Our Business is by Referral with Long Term Clients of 10+ years . We are a FCA regulated Appointed Representative of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury.

It is important to know what you have at Risk, the Insurance industry pays for Losses - just do not get caught short and lose more. Ask and Expert to stop you losing more.

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