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Stretching the Limits - Trade and Political Risks Insurance

Trade & Political Risks Insurance In Times of Increased Volatility - join myself with a panel of experts who use, insure or arrange trade and political risks insurance at GTR Africa on 2nd November 2022.

Stretching the limits – trade and political risk insurance in increased volatility (15.45-16.30) For Africa’s trade credit and political risk insurance market, evolving threats like inflation, the Ukraine conflict, commodity pressures, and debt sustainability are magnifying challenges endured during the pandemic. With the expansion of these threats stretching the capacity and risk appetite of insurers, the risks of unfulfillable short and long term trade credit deals is rising across the region. What priorities can private market insurers set in order to de-risk market activity, and protect the delivery of trade finance?

This session will examine front and centre threats faced by insurers including rising risks of non-payment, social unrest, currency volatility and illiquidity, and long-term structural adjustments across areas like energy. Potential de-risking solutions will be assessed, and what can be learned from pandemic-era solutions to meeting trade credit needs, tapping in to growth markets, and factoring in greater political risk. Discussion will also ask if private insurers have the capacity to meet demand, and how this might be grown to address the challenges.

Moderator: Rupert Cutler, Director & Principal, Holtarka

Sam Evans, Director, Political Risks & Trade Credit, BPL Global

Genevieve Ahinful, Head, Political Risk & Trade Credit, Africa Specialty Risks

Damian Austin, Managing Director & Head of Trade Finance, BACB

Ryan Murphy, Underwriter, Credit & Political Risk, The Hartford

Stuart Hulks, Global Head of Corporate Insurance and Export Credit Agency Financing, Rand Merchant Bank

Looking forward to seeing you or hearing from you with questions for 2nd November 2022 +447979801237

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