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Seize the opportunities to Better Insure your business

Updated: May 25, 2022

Why Not Use Insurance to be a Business Champion?

Business and sport work in parallel victory is celebrated with much training and practice with mishaps and losses along the way. If you you do nothing others will overtake or win.

Insurance backs a business, the most famous centre of expertise is Lloyds of London. It has Paid Policyholders for Losses successfully since 1688 backing cargo ventures where the ship could be lost with all the Cargo and profits . It is the Internationally Recognised Marketplace for Innovative High Risk Transfer.

Brokers are the equivalent to a coach and can be the trainer for a business, their success is based upon their client winning the best ways to support a business and recover from a loss to Ensure Profits. As in sport it is the athlete or company that takes the accolades but without the coach or broker many would not keep winning.

We have 35+ years Proven Experience of advising, guiding and arranging Insurance for our clients Worldwide. We work with new and existing Insurance Buyers across many sectors. We act as your Independent "Virtual Risk Manager" and/or Agent accessing different Specialist Insurers Worldwide. We are a FCA regulated Authorised Representative of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury.

Champions of Business Build their Success upon experience and as with athletes by trying, training, competing and seizing the opportunities shown by experienced experts.

Holtarka Limited is here to be your coach, trainer and supporter through the Risk Mitigation and Transfer Process .If you would like to know more check our web-site or give us a call for a Free Confidential Chat +447979801237 you have nothing to lose but the opportunity to Win More!

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