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Problems with Supply Chain Insurance?

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Supply Chain Insurance does not pay for every loss - what is excluded?

7 typical unpaid losses

  1. Losses paid for by other policies such as Cargo insurance;

  2. Losses within the Time Delay Waiting Period;

  3. Amounts below the excess;

  4. Amounts above the agreed Sum Insured;

  5. Events which are not defined or stated within the insurance policy;

  6. General Exclusions which are not bought back such as Deviation due to Port Closure;

  7. Events after the Policy has expired or where premium has not been paid to insurers.

We have 30+ years of guiding our clients to the best solution to understand and reduce the risk of a Policy not responding - you ask and we will answer.

Supply Chain Insurance is key to every business the value of any loss is a paid claim and continued projects and contracts.

If you need to know more check our Blog page at or call for a free and confidential chat +447979801237

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Supply Chain Insurance
What losses are not getting paid for in your Supply Chain?

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