Poll Results - How do Companies Buy their Insurance?

Updated: Jan 31

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How do UK SME's companies buy insurance? Poll results

In a recent poll we discovered that purchases for SME's are mostly on-line.

On-line or direct to insurers 48% Risk Manager 9%

Professional Broker(s)


Financial Controller 0%

Insurance has many routes are you taking the right one and getting good advice - too often people do not really understand the options and go for the cheapest or easiest.

We have 30+ years of helping and guiding companies to what works best for them in a complex arena. Holtarka Limited is a Risk Consultancy with FCA approved Authorised Representative status with www.BellwoodPrestbury.com. We can advise about risk and buy what is best for your business. Insurance policies are about scope of cover (contract terms), exclusions and benefits in times of a loss and getting the claim paid. A Professional Insurance Broker works for you to get you there and is wholly independent of the insurer or insurer appointed loss adjuster.

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