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Phishing - have you been caught? - How To Reduce Exposure

Updated: Jul 4

Phishing - have you been caught ? How to Reduce Your Business Exposure

Cyber Hacking and Losses to Businesses Increase Daily - the new Crime Wave Globally . Our Latest Poll Shows Many Businesses Appeared to be Unsure of the Impact of Cyber Crime. Losses to Insurers has led to price increases of over 50% but cover remains available

What is stopping you insuring cyber risk? Do you know if you are for sale on the Dark Web? Unaware of Insurance Products 29% Cost Concerns 24% Will not happen to me 6% Unsure of Impact 41%

We have 35+ years Proven Experience helping Businesses Understand Risks through Enterprise Risk Management and to calculate how to avert and Risk Transfer to Professional Insurers. We are a Risk and Insurance Consultancy focussed upon the needs of our clients. We are also a FCA regulated Authorised Representative of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury and access the Specialist Insurers.

The 5 Biggest Cyber Security Threats that Big and Small Businesses face are

  • Phishing Attacks.

  • Malware Attacks.

  • Ransomware.

  • Weak Passwords.

  • Insider Threats.

Insurers compensate Businesses for Millions of Losses Annually to Pay For Cyber Losses including Remediation and Loss of Reputation, the choice of providers remains strong.

If you are Unsure of the Impact of A Cyber Loss call us at Holtarka Limited for a Free and Confidential Review +447979801237 or book an appointment via our website We can help you be Risk Ready.

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