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On Target - What Happens If I Am Not Paid?

Updated: 1 day ago

If you do not get paid - do you accept the debt or do you use Trade Credit Insurance?

How can I measure my Company and its Unpaid Invoices ?

Inflation and Recession Lead to Business Failure and Default - Do not Get Caught.

Trade Credit Insurance is provided by Specialised Insurers to compensate/indemnify a Company for an Unpaid Bill due to Protracted Default or Insolvency, (including Pre-Packs) and Political Risks. It can include Buyers and Suppliers to your Business whether for Good or Services.

Trade Credit Insurance can be bought direct from Specialist Insurers or at no additional cost from Professional Insurance Brokers, being Independent from Insurers. The type of coverage and your ability to access the most appropriate Non-Payment Policy varies by Company and Sector.

We have 35+ years Proven Experience of advising, guiding and arranging Trade Credit Insurance for our clients Worldwide. We work with new and existing Trade Credit Insurance Buyers across many sectors. We act as your Independent Agent accessing different Specialist Insurers Worldwide.

7 Key Items of Information required for each application:-

  1. Your Company details including your Business Activity and Audited Accounts;

  2. Sales Terms to customers - how and when you get paid;

  3. Payment history with customers and any Payment Losses;

  4. Which Companies you wish to be included with their full details;

  5. Maximum Measured Exposure at any one time to each Buyer/Supplier;

  6. Estimated Sales Volume/Turnover;

  7. Limit/Sum Insured sought and Insurance Policy Period.

Improve your Credit Rating and share the risk. The information will with your sales or accounting team so it is at your fingertips. If you would like a free and confidential review give us a call on +447979801237 or check our website for more information

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