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Why Supply Chain Security Is Important in 2022 - How Secure is Your Supply Chain ?

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Supply Chain Security and Costs Have Risen - How Can you keep these Under Control?

How secure is your Supply Chain?

Supply Chain Security Is Vital Enterprise Risk Management (planning and the ongoing assessment of all processes) with Risk Mitigation is key to profitability.

90% of all Goods Travel by Sea to their destination, including road, rail and some by air. If the goods or components do not arrive "Just in Time" have you adequate spares or materiel to carry on making your product to meet your orders on time?

Specialist Supply Chain Insurance as part of an Enterprise Risk Management does enable companies to carry on their business and the Compensation/Indemnity from Specialist Insurers matches the additional costs where your goods are not where you want them but are undamaged.

We have 35+ Years Designing Programmes for Business According to their Needs whether in Manufacturing, Export or Import of Time Sensitive or Market Ready Produce, Chilled or Frozen Foods and for Project Items. We Act as a Professional Risk Consultancy and/or "Virtual Risk Manager" and/or Insurance Broker as an Authorised Representative of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury.

Insurers can Compensate You for Additional Costs and Expenses following: Storm damage to the Route, Port Closure or Blockage; Riots; Loss of Third Party Manufacturing Site due to fire; Declaration of Force Majeure; Embargo & Sanctions; War; Insolvency or Default of a Supplier or Buyer; Loss or Damage to Warehousing to be Rented; Deviation of Vessels from Port of destination; Aircraft Impact; Political Risks including Expropriation and Change of Laws.

Supply Chain efficiency is essential for strong profitability, the risks are not usually included within a standard Property or Cargo insurance policy as there may be no damage to your goods.

We are here to help so if you are unsure where to start give us a call for Free and Confidential Review +447979801237 or see more at

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