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International Sales and Exports - Safe Landings? Secure the Sale

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

International Sales and Exports - Safe Landings ? Secure the Sale

Contracts signed, order book filled - but will you get paid or be able to deliver the contract? Political and Trade Credit Risk Insurance Transfers the Risk

Holtarka Limited has over 35+ years of Award Winning Risk Consulting, Review and Risk Transfer for Companies Worldwide . We listen, guide and help Businesses access and use these Proven Financial Tools for Your Exports and Trade Sales. We are a FCA regulated Authorised Representative of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury.

Why Worry? Ten Hazards to Transfer

  • War on Land

  • Sanctions and Embargo

  • Political and Social Unrest

  • Covid-19 Lockdown

  • Supply Chain /Force Majeure

  • Increased Nationalism

  • Cyber and Ransomware

  • Non-payment

  • Currency Controls

  • Terrorism and War on Land

No Insurance = 100% Exposure to your Balance Sheet for Business Risks

Why not Transfer the Business Risk and Use Your Cash to Build Your Business? Insurance Premium = Known Cost for Unknown Loss

Insurers pay out Billions in Losses every year and have Multiple Products for Every Industry - not always on a website. Improve your Company Value with Enhanced Company Credit Ratings through Specialist Insurers with a Professional Broker who can design your Business Insurance.

Call us for a Free Confidential Review +447979801237 or check our website for more information and Be Risk Ready.

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