How To Transfer Business Risk?

Updated: May 25

How To Transfer Risk

Covid-19, Natural Disaster, Political Risks and Credit Losses with Supply Chain havoc Worldwide for businesses with Insurers Compensating Companies for Business Interruption but what else happened and could that have been you?

Insurance Policies Pay so why lose money by being Uninsured or Under Insured for your Exports, Projects and Investments?

Events worldwide Businesses had Paid Losses from Commercial Insurers in 2021

  • Uprising in Kazakhstan

  • Tornados in the US;

  • Covid-19 Business Interruption or Cancellation of Events;

  • Expropriation of assets by Cancellation of Operating Licences in Mexico;

  • Ukraine tensions and a change of government in Chile ;

  • Floods and Fires due to extreme weather in Australia, Belgium, California France, Spain and Germany;

  • Extreme rioting in South Africa and Colombia;

Insurers are there to pay for these Anticipated but Unexpected Losses - why use your capital and profits rather than the Professional Insurance Market?

We have 35+ Years Proven Experience as Risk Consultants and as FCA Regulated Authorised Intermediary of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury to guide, advise, Negotiate with Risk Takers to Risk Transfer and recovering Losses for our clients.

Insurance is part of the Risk Strategy for Successful Companies - Commercial Insurers are Paying Claims and remain financially robust and ready for new business. Why Lose Money by being Uninsured or Underinsured for your Exports, Projects and Investments?

70% of our Clients are through Recommendations and Referrals. We can help you why not give us a Free and Confidential call on +447979801237 or check our website to book an appointment?

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