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How Much Does Insurance Cost My Company? 7 Factors To Consider to Get Value for Your Business

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

How Much Does Insurance Cost My Company ? 7 Factors to Consider to Get Value for Your Business

Prices rising for every type of cover especially Professional Indemnity which could be your second largest cost after payroll .We will explain how it works and how we can help you.

Insurance is a Pre-Agreed Contract with Regulated Private or State Owned Insurers to Compensate + Indemnify you for Pre-Agreed Unforeseen or Future Losses

Costs of Insurance are set by Insurers as a Premium based upon the following 7 Key Factors:-

1. Who You Are & What You Are Doing & Where You Are Doing It;

2. What Type of Policy You Need & Scope & Breadth of Coverage;

3. Limit of Compensation / Indemnity /Policy Limit Sought;

4. Period/Length of Policy;

5. Amount of Excess/Uninsured Retention kept;

6. Your Past Behaviour & Track Record for Loss Compared to your Sector;

7. Insurance Market Appetite, Capacity and Losses for the Type of Policy

We have 35+ Years of Proven Success Risk Consulting & Advising Companies What they Can Buy & How Much It Could Cost. We are a UK Regulated Authorised Intermediary of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury and can access Lloyds & London Specialist Companies and International Companies as well as State Owned Insurers.

A Question You Should Ask :- "Is How Much Will My Company Lose Without Insurance?"

Insurance Premiums Are a Known Cost For an Unknown Loss. A Professional Broker will work to Help You Understand What is Available and Access Insurers to Negotiate on Your Behalf

If you want to know more go to our website or call us for a free and Confidential Initial Review on +447979801237

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