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How do Riots affect the Supply Chain?

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

How do Riots affect the Supply Chain? Rioting, Malicious Damage & Looting Insurers will Pay Losses to Businesses of over USD1 Billion in South Africa with a break in the Supply Chain. Is your Supply Chain insured for Riot and Terrorism Loss ? If you are Shipping Goods or Components to a major project how do you Get There In Time without a Loss of Income?

Most insurance will compensate you for Direct Damage to your goods but a Delay Without Damage will not - if your goods are stuck in a port or cannot leave the factory how can you source from elsewhere or do you risk not completing the contract?

30+ years of Enterprise Risk Management guiding companies to be Risk Ready. We work with you to secure the Supply Chain or to have viable alternate plans where a critical port, road or Producer Fails or Suspends Shipments.

Supply Chain Insurance provides Business Interruption Insurance to help get a business moving and source alternates preserving profits and reputation. Examples can include Air Freight of Critical Goods where a factory can make them but a ship not deliver on time and Manufacturing Elsewhere up to and including Delivery To The Customer. Riot and Terrorism Insurance with Business Interruption can also be arranged with Insurers.

We can help you with this process - contact us for a confidential free review +447979801237 or through

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Image by Alex McCarthy on Unsplash

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