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How Can You Find Your Container?

How Can You Find Your Container?

Arviem Container Tracking & Monitoring 11+ Years Real Time Risk Management Worldwide

  • IOT Device Direct location, Quality Control and Environmental and Social Governance; Independent battery transmits and records the location, heat and moisture and provide live alarm calls when there is a shock to the container;

  • Container Door Opening Alarm for any reason including customs inspection;

  • Independent verification of the Shipping Line or Carrier.

  • Desktop Automated Notifications and Alerts recorded for the entire journey;

  • Arviem Device is attached to each container at the time of loading and is taken off at final destination only activated when it is affixed to the container;

  • Device courier to and from locations is included in the cost per device;

Holtarka has 35+ years Proven Experience in Export Trade and Project Finance Worldwide. We are an Independent Consultancy Providing Risk Management and Insurance Broking services as an FCA approved Authorised Intermediary of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury.

Supply Chain Delivery and Quality Management is Essential for Cargo Deliveries. Arviem is in use now with a major Food Company, Precious Metals and Cargo & Supply Chain Insurers why not find out more to reduce your Uninsured Losses and Increase Profits?

Please give us a call on +447979801237 or book an appointment at or for an introductory video .

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