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How Can You Buy Better Insurance Cover?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

How Can You Buy Better Insurance Cover? Value for Money or Cheap and Leaving You Uninsured?

How Do You Buy Your Insurance to Keep You on The Right Road?

How do you know that a web-site or comparison site is giving you the full picture ?

We Conducted a Poll which Shows a worrying number of Companies use the Internet and Comparison Sites to Arrange Insurance to Protect Their Businesses From Unforeseen Losses through (indemnity/contractual compensation) to their Company Balance Sheet.

Search Engines will match your enquiry to the highest placed options and many of these sites are owned by Insurance Companies or Brokers with a select Limited Number of options. The Site options are based upon an agreement between the platform owner and the Insurer, other platforms are single company provider only. In reality the choice is greater.

We have 30+ years Proven Experience helping companies check What is Available and Get What is Best for them. We can act as your "Virtual Risk Manager" and or as a Regulated Insurance Broker to offer you the best solutions with personal advice and expertise. We are specialists in Trade Credit, Cargo and Supply Chain, Political Risks coverage and can also help with Professional Indemnity and Cyber Risk internationally subject to local regulations. We are a FCA regulated Authorised Representative of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury.

It costs nothing to Speak to an Expert Why Buy Without Detailed Knowledge - Cheap and Easy is not necessarily right for your needs. Insurance is regulated internationally and in the UK for insurers by the Prudential Regulatory Authority and for brokers by the Financial Conduct Authority with strict conduct and professional standards.

For a Free and Confidential Review please contact us on +447979801237 or check our website for more information

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