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How Can I Remotely Survey My Cargo or Project ?

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

How Can I Monitor My Cargo, Site or Projects Remotely ? Reduce your costs and remedy problems in Real-Time to reduce Supply Chain Delays, Damage on Site to the Project or Equipment with Secure Date and Time GPS Recording to your Downloadable Report Requirements.

Independent verification helps your Enterprise Risk Management and enable reporting to all parties including Financiers, Insurers and if things go wrong Loss Adjusters to enable swift remedy and claims payments. SurveyorTech Project and Trade shows that Conditions of Operation by your Team or Sub-Contractors are being met within your Environmental and Social Governance.

SurveyorTech Project and Trade enables App video and secure filming from a smartphone or 360 camera or by drone with GPS tagged date and time. Designed for a Project Operator and/or Financier and/or Surveyor and/or Insurer to use and works worldwide with Independent Recording which can be made available to your desktop in a Bespoke Report.

Holtarka Limited is an Independent Risk and Insurance Consultancy with 35+ years experience of Risk Mitigation through planning, insurance and Risk Monitoring. We are a FCA approved Authorised Representative of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury. We know that Secure Real Time Reporting Saves Money through effective Management of Construction and/or Equipment and/or Property and/or Quality and Supply Chain or to show that Warranties or Conditions of Operation are being met.

SurveyorTech Project and Trade is currently in use within the UK and across Africa with GCC Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria and South Africa where a Collateral Management and Surveying Company is able to securely record activity without always having their own personnel present.

SurveyorTech gives Effective and Inexpensive Reporting it is in use and approved by Corporates, Financiers, Managers, Loss Adjusters, Lawyers and Commercial Insurers. It can Protect and Enhance Your Profile broadening the choice of Bond/Guarantee Providers, Lenders and Investors. Please contact us for a Free and Confidential Demonstration +447979801237 and/or check our website to see more or book a live appointment.

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