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A guide to Supply Chain Insurance Costs

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

A Guide To Supply Chain Insurance Costs - 7 Factors to Consider

Supply Chain Insurance provides "just in time" compensation for when you cannot finish your project or deliver your goods without any physical loss or damage to you.

7 Key Factors for Supply Chain Pricing by Insurers:-

  1. What your business does and where;

  2. Additional costs to remedy a loss (the Sum to be Insured);

  3. Your track record for this Supply Chain;

  4. Alternate routes and suppliers;

  5. All delivery origins and routes;

  6. Named events you wish to cover;

  7. Availability of alternate insurers.

Holtarka Limited has 30+ years of Risk Management Advice and Mitigation designing products which work when a business is affected by Force Majeure or delay causing events

Supply Chain/Trade Disruption Insurance is a proven product paying multi-millions in compensation for losses to businesses and is part of the Enterprise Risk Management of many companies.

If you wish to know more call on +447979801237 or visit our Blog page on our web-site for more information.

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