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Cargo Lost At Sea ? Where Is Your Container?

Where Is Your Container?

The Loss of Your Cargo At Sea May Be Insured but as this Image Shows from the Canadian Coastguard How Do you Know Where your Cargo Is and in what condition?

Proven Technology from Arviem can remove the doubts and enhance your Supply Chain and Cargo Management for you, Customers, Financiers and Cargo Insurers.

Arviem provides a mix of services around cargo location tracking and condition monitoring

Cargo location tracking Suitable for all shipments, helps in managing the transportation network.

Cargo condition monitoring Monitor your selected high risk, sensitive or high value goods with IoT devices and receive alerts.

Cargo security monitoring Actionable intrusion & security alerts used as Container Theft Prevention.

Supply Chain Diagnostics Used for uncovering problems, bottlenecks on certain routes or with selected carriers.

Holtarka Limited is a Risk and Insurance Consultancy with 35+ years of success in the Trade and Project Finance Sectors Worldwide. We are also a FCA regulated Authorised Representative of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury so can access Specialist Insurers direct on your behalf.

Whether transporting by Sea, Road, Rail or Air The Arviem Secure system will improve your Supply Chain and profitability. It enables loss prevention and speedier loss payment and resolution

To learn more visit our website or book a free demonstration following a telephone call +447979801237

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