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A guide to Supply Chain Insurance Costs

Supply Chain Insurance provides "just in time" compensation for when you cannot finish your project or deliver your goods without any physical loss or damage to you.

7 Key Factors for Supply Chain Pricing by Insurers:-

  1. What your business does and where;

  2. Additional costs to remedy a loss (the Sum to be Insured);

  3. Your track record for this Supply Chain;

  4. Alternate routes and suppliers;

  5. All delivery origins and routes;

  6. Named events you wish to cover;

  7. Availability of alternate insurers.

Holtarka Limited has 30+ years of Risk Management Advice and Mitigation designing products which work when a business is affected by Force Majeure or delay causing events

Supply Chain/Trade Disruption Insurance is a proven product paying multi-millions in compensation for losses to businesses and is part of the Enterprise Risk Management of many companies.

If you wish to know more call on +447979801237 or visit our Blog page on our web-site for more information.

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