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What is Trade Credit Insurance - Which Four Options?

Updated: Sep 12

Trade Credit Insurance - Contract Terms Agreed Which Four Options?

  • Single Contract

  • Named Buyers/Suppliers

  • Whole Turnover

  • Excess of Loss

Trade Credit Insurance 4 Options:-

  1. Single Contract

  2. Named Buyers/Suppliers

  3. Whole Turnover (whole portfolio)

  4. Excess of Loss (top up fixed limit above uninsured amount)

Holtarka has 35+ Years Award Winning Experience Risk Consulting, Structuring and Insurance Broking for Companies Buying, Supplying or Trading Worldwide. We give an Independent and personal service with Specialist Insurers which includes Claims and Recoveries for our clients. We are a FCA approved Authorised Representative of Lloyds Broker Bellwood Prestbury ( Loss Triggers/Causes of Non-Payment Loss include:-

  • Protracted Default including Force Majeure

  • Insolvency

  • Political Risks including Contract Frustration

  • Embargo/Sanctions

Trade Credit/Non-Payment Policies can be used as part of your Enterprise Risk Management and are recognised by Banks and Alternate Financiers as Risk Mitigants enabling lending as an Alternate to Secured Borrowing or with Letters of Credit, Bonds or Guarantees. Trade Credit Insurance is a proven product Insurers Pay Losses every year in the USD Millions.

We Can Help You Choose the Trade Credit Insurance Option best for you so call +447979801237 for a Confidential and Free Initial Chat or check for more information

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