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Risk & Insurance Consultancy

  • Preview - meet and discuss your current operations, considered options and proposed work to be undertaken;

  • Proposal & Engagement of Holtarka Ltd through a Letter of Engagement with Non-Disclosure Agreement;

  • Targeting risk mitigants including insurance, reserving and on-going training;

  • Implementation & Marketing including the appointment of regulated insurance underwriters and and brokers;

  • Retention of Holtarka as "in-house" independent Risk & Insurance Consultant to ensure plan maintained and that it adapts to changing needs and what to do if a loss occurs.

Insurance Broking Services as Appointed Representative of Bellwood Prestbury 

  • Act as your agent to find & design insurance backed solutions with you

  • Life of contract/project personal service

  • Loss/claims handling including recovery actions


Key Products

  • Non payment insurance Credit/Contract Frustration (Single/Multi-obligor / Public or Private Entities)

  • Political Risks Insurance for mobile/fixed assets and investments

  • Confiscation / Nationalization

  • Expropriation, Creeping

  • Forced Abandonment

  • Currency Convertibility

  • Political Violence

  • Government Non-Honouring of Arbitration Award

Operational & Technical Review

We start with an Operational & Technical Review to create or compliment your internal risk plan of action for your business

Due Diligence Bridge 

We create a Due Diligence Bridge between Operations, Finance, Legal and Insurance: our Due Diligence service provides a detailed bespoke review of what is done, what can be done, the savings to the business and efficient negative operational transfer, making a known cost for an unknown probability of loss


Typically, Insurance is treated as a cost and a necessary minimum purchase (i.e. Professional Indemnity, Directors and Officers Cover, Employers Liability); we work with rated insurance providers to provide products to properly match the business’ operational requirements, and create a Business Continuity plan to ensure uninsured is not retained wholly upon the company balance sheet, including renting a balance sheet (insurance/bonds) avoiding inefficient use of capital

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