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How will you secure your profits with international instability ?

July 7, 2023
Rupert Cutler
Banks & Lenders

Lloyds and Specialist Insurers have Paid Losses of over USD3billion for Politically Motivated Claims. Reported new claims of USD3.2 billion from aviation alone

Why Worry?

  • Increased Nationalism
  • Political and Social Unrest
  • Catastrophic Loss Outside Usual Insurance Programme
  • Geopolitical risk heightened with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the pandemic world
  • Insurance premium = Known Cost for Unknown Loss

What Are The Benefits Of Political Risks Insurance?

  • Fixed cost multi year programme
  • Enables stable returns
  • Integrated contingency plan

What Risks Can I Transfer?

  • Confiscation, Expropriation or Nationalisation
  • Forced Abandonment/ Asset Disposal
  • Sanctions/Embargo/Deprivation
  • Selective Discrimination/Non-Renewal of Operating Licence
  • Contract Frustration/Repudiation/Non Payment
  • Protracted Default/Insolvency/Credit Risk
  • Non-Honouring of Arbitration
  • Political Violence/ Terrorism/War on Land & Business Interruption
  • Currency Inconvertibility/Transfer Restrictions

Holtarka has 35+ years proven experience as risk consultants and as a FCA regulated authorised representative of Lloyds broker Bellwood Prestbury to guide, advise, negotiate with risk takers to risk transfer and recover losses for our clients.

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