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Real-time cargo security monitoring. Holtarka recognises the need to maintain your reputation, control costs and ensure security while your goods are in transit. We are a Reseller of Arviem to Cargo Owners, Banks and Financiers

Added layer of security for goods in transit

Holtarka lets you take control of your goods in transit and use the independent tracking and monitoring services from Arviem. Cargo security through Arviem’s cargo monitoring services gives you a real-time overview and updates about the accurate GPS position and condition of a shipment on any transport mode. Recording intrusion through monitoring light intrusion to a container as well as door status (door open or close) in combination with GPS position within or outside of geo-zones or geo-fences, reliably reveals security incidents instantaneously when they happen. This allows clients to react to incidents, inform their internal or external intervention teams and avoid costs due to false alarms. Thanks to real-time alerts, clients can trigger law enforcement protocols and cargo recovery actions to protect the cargo.



Access to real-time data on the location of your shipment at any time while also recording any intrusion to your cargo

For more info book a free consultation with a member of the Arviem team or Book a Consultation with Holtarka below 

Monitoring devices

Monitoring devices are delivered by Arviem and attached to the cargo at the point of loading and collect information while the cargo is in transit transmitting data in real-time to the analytics platform. The devices detect intrusion, door opening, light, shock, humidity, and GPS location.

Notifications and
Analytics platform

In case of disruptions, notifications with actionable information are provided to clients. To support the decision making process, Arviem’s data analytics platform provides both a quick picture of the cargo in transit and in-depth analysis and visualisation of the supply chain uncovering inefficiencies and logistics blind spots.


To ensure a carefree service to the client, device logistics, maintenance, repair and reverse logistics are handled by Arviem's operations team as well as client support and the initial project set-up.


SurveyorTechTrade and SurveyorTech Project are secure apps to monitor, record and film cargo,
containers, ports, warehouses, construction sites and environs with Report Download tailored to our
clients’ individual needs. The SurveyorTechTrade and SurveyorTech Project apps are downloaded on either Android or Apple devices and can be used immediately, a lack of signal at the time of recording does not preclude subsequent secure transmission.

Information is managed by SurveyorTech Limited has a secure app to record and film in real-time in
conjunction with Holtarka Limited has a secure real-time. The technology gives real time information which is invaluable to financiers, commodity trader, project managers, collateral managers and all those involved in Trade or Project Finance SurveyorTechTrade and SurveyorTech Project are embedded as part of the Enterprise Risk Management and Environmental and Social Governance best practices for our customers worldwide.





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